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Trilingual Education in Central Yokohama

Located a short eight minute walk from Yokohama Station, YES International School provides a truly unique opportunity for children to experience a multilingual environment in an easy-to-access location.

Founded in 2016 by our principal, Kaoru Takeuchi, YES has always taken great effort to insure that our students acquire real life applicable academic skills that will enable them to survive in the society of the future while living in the present.


At our school, we are committed to providing students with a balance of intellectual strength, physical fitness, and character development.

YES International not only includes an immersion English program, but we also include the use of children's native language of Japanese.  While many rarely think of programming as a language, the essence of coding is exactly just that. 

England became the first country in the world to make computer programming a mandatory subject in all grade levels in 2013.  Estonia and Finland have followed with other countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, etc.) in planning stages to make programming and coding class required for Elementary Schools.  Programming is surely critical for this generation to master. 


With this information, we boast that we are the only ‘Trilingual School’ in Japan which teaches English, Japanese and Programing promoting logic, creation, expression and communication skills. 


Combined with experienced teachers who are professionals in their respective fields, we believe we are an exceptional world-class school.

We are currently accepting applications from Elementary School and Junior High School students. We are also accepting Pre-School students on request.

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