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Location-Based Language Separation

Language Separation.png

YES is divided up into three areas based on the language students are able to use OUTSIDE  the classroom.

3rd Floor - Grades 1 & 2

Japanese and English are both ok.

4th Floor - Grades 3 & 4

English only zone.

Maple Building  - Grade 5+

English is promoted the majority of the time but both languages are permitted.

This environment is created to ensure that students have a chance to get used to the school environment and improve their English level to a certain standard.


During the early years, students are still fairly new to the system at YES and in order to minimize stress and anxiety as much as possible, we allow the use of both languages freely during grades 1 and 2.


Following this period, students are sent to mainly study on the 4th floor where English is compulsory in order to help them improve their fluency and confidence in the language.


Finally, when students are in 5th grade, they should have communication competence in both languages and are allowed the freedom to switch between both English and Japanese at Maple building.


We find that, by this time, students can effortlessly switch between the two languages during conversation and giving them the ability to do this not only improves their language code-switching, but also has massive cognitive benefits.


As a final note, we realize that speaking in a language you are not fluent in can be tiring and stressful for some students. Therefore, we have designated lunchtime as a free communication time where children can relax, have fun, and communicate in any language they see fit.

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