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YES seamlessly integrates technology into subjects like: English, Japanese, math, science, and art, greatly enriching the learning experience. Beyond technical skills, we focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in technology, embrace responsibility, prioritize safety, and think critically.

Students acquire essential technology skills, from mastering operating systems to 3D design tools. They also become proficient touch typists in English and Japanese, enhancing their cross-subject digital capabilities. Often required for use in homework and PBL projects.

Responsible technology use is central. Students learn device care and responsible online behavior, including safety measures like stranger danger and privacy protection. We foster critical thinking skills through programming and technology tasks, benefiting problem-solving in all subjects.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged, enriching art and science subjects. Students develop the imagination and design skills needed for modern problem-solving. Our approach ensures students are well-prepared for the digital landscape integrated into all aspects of their education and life.

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