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Anthony Stenson

Hello everyone! I’m Anthony Stenson and I'm from Manchester in the U.K.


My educational background is in political studies, but I have been teaching English for the last twenty-two years, in London and here in Japan. I have taught kids and adults of all ages.

It's my aim to always provide stimulating and enjoyable lessons for my students, in a safe and friendly environment. I believe that if children are enjoying their educational experience, they will inevitably learn more effectively. Having said that, study is not always easy, and experiencing the satisfaction that comes from making the effort to learn and improve at something, while overcoming difficulties, is a very important discovery in life. This is also something I would like to encourage in my students.

A school is of course not only a place of individual learning but a social environment in which we have to get along with each other. So it's important to encourage the qualities of teamwork, kindness and tolerance for other points of view.

In my free time I read books, play the guitar and cycle around Kanagawa on my road bike (not all at the same time).

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