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The Visual Arts Course

The Visual Arts courses provide students with a mixture of western and eastern principles of art using different mediums, techniques and elements along with learning to make digital art through computers. Students will develop a sense achievement through art and design and understanding of the outside world and themselves.

At YES International School, we strive to guide students with a foundation of various forms, skills, techniques as well as let their creative process grow through different projects. Students will explore drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, graphic design and CAD.

We have a variety of art teachers equipped with their own set of skills, background and discipline. Some, that focus on refining techniques and skills, bringing out a student's full potential and others, providing students with more critical thinking and free create and really letting the students bring out their own ideas and sense of individuality. This helps create a comfortable environment for students who may find expressing themselves in imagery form difficult at ease. 


We also provide students with excursions to museums and galleries so that students can get inspired and have opportunities to see art in the real world. We participate in different art competitions throughout the year which generally have relations with todays issues to connect the students with problems that may be better solved visually.

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