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Indi Smeeta

Hello! My name is Indi Smeeta and I am from India. I am the Science and Math teacher at YES International School. I have done my B.Sc in Biotechnology, Bachelor's in Education (B.Ed) and Master degree in Education (M.Ed) from Bangalore University, India.

While in India, I worked as a Science and Math teacher at Public elementary & High schools, and after-school institutes for more than seven years. In Japan, I previously worked as an operation team lead in a Trading Company for over 4 years, and have experienced the Monitoring and Evaluating State Board Examinations (India).

After completing my Bachelor's in Biotechnology, my Professors suggested me to join Biocon (Pharmaceutical Company),but by that time I had already decided to be a teacher. Both my parents and grandparents were serving as teachers and headmasters at Public Schools, so I felt teaching is in my blood.


I love teaching Life Science because it incorporates life into the teaching and learning process.

I believe school is a second home for students. While providing learning spaces and learning environments, it also helps to focus on cultivating behaviors that are beneficial to society.


For me, teaching is the process of learning from students and colleagues and I aim to bring a positive attitude and an open mind, Into high expectations for my students who enter into my classroom each day.


I utilize student centered teaching, which focuses on developing the students' moral compass, and fostering each student to his or her fullest potential helping to shape the student's world view.


In my free time, I love spending time with my family, watching Bollywood movies, traveling, and reading the Bible

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