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Naveen Bukhari

Hi everyone! My name is Naveen Bukhari and I am the Head of the English Language Arts Department at YES International School. I am originally from London in the UK.

I have been at YES for around five years now but I have been working as an English Instructor in Japan for over 12 years with experience in a variety of different teaching environments including Junior High Schools, High Schools, Eikaiwas, and Cram Schools.

In addition, I have also recently completed my Master's Degree in Linguistics and TESOL with a focus on Bilingual Education in Japan.

My goal as a teacher is to ensure that students learn English in a holistic manner within a stress-free and enjoyable environment. At the same time, it is of vital importance to me and the school that students build critical thinking, and problem solving ability in order to become confident, independent individuals.

All these things can be accomplished at the same time by following a curriculum of Project Based Learning (PBL) alongside the teaching of core skills in English.

In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. I try to visit Kamikochi in Nagano once a year as that is my favourite place in Japan! If you can recommend any good hiking spots in Japan, please let me know!

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