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Our principal, Kaoru Takeuchi, is a science writer, and so, central to our school is the study of science and understanding the world around us.


One of the most important criteria of YES school is to let students acknowledge and feel familiar about the science that co-exists in every phenomenon of our lives. We do not limit our choice of content to the levels of common elementary schools. 


Students potentially have many questions inside their living nature. We want these questions to be the project that they choose for their project-based learning in our science class. Project-based learning does not limit the levels of learning. We want students to research in-depth and further into the realm of science.


The technology we unconsciously use today was not built in a day. Neither can it be taught in a day. We want to be the compass of how students should be able to answer their own natural questions by showing the little steps that they need to learn in order to seek an original answer.

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