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Yoshifumi Komasa

Graduated Keio University, majoring applied physics and physics-informatics. Currently an M.Ed. candidate at University of the People.

Worked for IBM, planning capacity of Linux on mainframe servers for mega bank integration and disaster management.


Has built a school in the Republic of Ghana called Sky Sea International Academy (Owner / Managing Director).


Developed a cram school called Sky Sea Academy in Japan. Worked at several international schools and home tutored since high school.


Hase built and organized the first academic gifted class in Japan (students over IQ130).


Organized and being the Chief Mentor of science seasonal programs at Universities and research institutes collecting over 100 students from around the world to Japan.


Developed a science-oriented free school for primary education.


Also working at the Tokyo branch.


Loves watching and playing sports. Like to climb mountains and go camping on weekends. Games and computing are part of life.

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