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Welcome to YES International School

A message and greeting from our principal, Kaoru Takeuchi

Our Core Values: The 3 Cs


01 Consideration

Consideration and empathy are key components of social-emotional learning. By teaching empathy, schools support students' social-emotional development, helping them develop self-awareness, self-regulation, and interpersonal skills necessary for academic and personal success.

02 Critical Thinking

A vital skill for children’s future success in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world undergoing the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Critical thinking enables them to analyze information, evaluate evidence, and make informed decisions.


03 Creativity

Creativity enhances language acquisition by encouraging students to express themselves imaginatively and fluently in both English and Japanese. It promotes critical thinking and reflection by prompting students to evaluate their ideas, analyze their creative process, and revise their work based on feedback.

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Alumni Testimonials

Meet some of our alumni who are doing great things after graduating from our school

Winter Wonderland was a huge success again this year!


Thank you to the teachers for your hard work!


Also, a huge thank you to DR YAMAZAKI and WEATHERNEWS for being our special guest speakers!

Find out more about our Seasonal School events here

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