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Welcome to YES International School

Our Mission

To be able to try new things, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. To be self-reliant and independent. To be considerate of other people and be accepting of those different from us.
To think critically and from many perspectives. To be able to develop own unique opinions and ideas based on knowledge and research. To be able to think outside the box.
To be well-rounded in our physical ability. To develop strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility throughout the whole body. To push the limits of our bodies through guidance and practice.

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Our Core Values: The 3 Cs


01 Consideration

At YES, we actively try to develop both sympathy and empathy in our students so that they learn to care about not only those people and things around them, but also feel consideration towards those they have not met, or situations they have not faced yet.

02 Critical Thinking

Students actively develop their own opinions rather than following others, learn to think independently, and most importantly, to discover who they are now and what kind of person they want to be in the future.


03 Creativity

Not only subjects such as Art or Music, but our approach to core subjects like Science, English, and Japanese is such that students must approach the content in a creative way through project-based learning, and the development of original ideas through independent work,

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A message and greeting from our principal, Kaoru Takeuchi

2023 Winter Seasonal School


We would like to officially announce and invite you to our Winter Seasonal School event for 2023.

Our theme for this year will be 'Winter Wonderland' with our Science, Programming, Social Studies, Art, and Dance teachers creating interesting and interactive lessons based around winter seasonal topics.

In addition, we will have special guest Dr Shiro Yamazaki giving a fascinating lecture on 'Fantasy, Fiction and Science' using scenes in movies to explain basic scientific principles in an easy to understand and interesting way.

Come join us to get a small sample of our TRILINGUAL curriculum in action!

Fee System

12,000 yen for one day*
60,000 yen for five days
*bookings available from one day
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